Chinatown Tai Chi Center

Fall 2003 Tai Chi Demonstration

A demonstration of many of the forms taught at Chinatown Tai Chi Center
Chinatown Tai Chi Center - October, 2003
Photographs courtesy David R. Volker
The first demonstration was the Tai Chi Saber (broadsword) form, performed by Sifu Calph and three advanced-level students. Adding to the interest of the performance, each person faced in a different direction. At one point they appeared about to do battle with each other, they were so close together. Tai Chi Saber Form
24 Steps Tai Chi Form Next, about 30 people at all levels performed the 24 Steps Tai Chi Form. A few minutes into the form, a young man entered the room and began to hassle one student after another and was promptly put in his place by each. At the end, it became clear that this young man was a student himself, who helped demonstrate that the moves of the form all have self-defense applications. 24 Steps Tai Chi Form
Choy Li Fut chi kung 18 Lo Han The 24 Form was followed by the "18 Lo Han," a Choy Li Fut chi kung exercise that begins with fairly easy moves and progresses to more difficult moves. It helps with flexibility and balance.
Chasing the Wind Fan Form Then Sifu Calph and a student showed us the "Chasing the Wind" Fan Form, an advanced form using a traditional bamboo and silk Chinese folding fan. At the end of the form, they demonstrated several self-defense moves using the fan. Many of these moves could be performed using a rolled up magazine. Chasing the Wind Fan Form
During the intermission, the audience was invited to join the students in doing the "8 Pieces of Brocade" chi kung exercises. This set of 8 exercises is one of the first things learned by beginning students at Chinatown. 8 Pieces of Brocade chi kung exercises
Evil Don Rodrigo A humorous skit had the "evil Don Rodrigo" attempting to drag the "lovely Maria Elena Conchita de la Paz y Szechuan" to the church to force her to marry him. Zorro, whose Chinese name (since he decided to follow the teachings of a wondering Taoist) is "Who-Lee," came to the rescue, and a saber-sword fight ensued. At first it looked as if Don Rodrigo might win, but good always triumphs over evil, and Who-Lee saves the lovely Maria Elena Conchita de la Paz y Szechuan. Zoro and Maria ... Szechuan
Tai Chi Cane Form An old-looking fellow came walking out, limping along with a cane. At first it wasn't clear what he intended to do...was he leaving? No, he was an advanced student demonstrating a Shaolin cane form. At first he did it slowly, then he repeated it in "fast forward" mode. It's amazing what you can do with a cane. Tai Chi Cane Form
Plumb Blossom Fan Form At this point, four advanced students performed the "Plum Blossom" Fan Form. Two were doing it with the fan in the right hand, and two were doing it with the fan in the left hand. It was like watching a set of mirror images. They also weaved in and out of each others' paths.
The final event featured about 20 intermediate level students doing the "32 Steps" Tai Chi Sword Form. The Plum Blossom Fan Form and the 32 Steps Sword form are taught to intermediate students. 32 Steps Tai Chi Sword Form

In September 2004, Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong will be returning to Chinatown Tai Chi Center to teach some seminars. There will be at least one seminar open to the public, so watch this web page for updates.

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