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Jill Jappe

A friend begged me to try tai chi with her. She quit after 3 classes, but I curiously continued. Over the next 15 years, I became an avid student and developed a strong foundation in Yang Style Long Form and Chi Kung with Mark Posey at Colorado Tai Chi in Grand Junction, Colorado. He also taught Bagua cane and Kung Fu staff and sword forms. Intrigued by Taoist philosophy, meridian theory, and the health benefits of tai chi, I consumed the studio library and attended various workshops.

In 2021, my husband and I moved to Minnesota where Chinatown Tai Chi Center instantly became my new tai chi home. Sifu Phyllis Calph and her senior students were very welcoming, and they remain patient as I continue to adopt the Plum Blossom format. I particularly enjoy class when we rock the room in unison with a familiar fan form or when we add a mental twist by switching a form's orientation in the room.

I feel honored to be among Chinatown Tai Chi's senior student/teacher ranks and enjoy sharing my tidbits of knowledge. Teaching is a tool to deepen our understanding, and because Sifu presents teaching as a shared responsibility, she fosters a grand camaraderie between us. Classes are conducted in a caring, non-threatening environment where questions are welcomed and enthusiastically answered.

Tai chi has been the antidote to stress in my life. With consistent practice, these odd, slow movements can profoundly change you. To be certain, it's a journey — not a quick fix. When you are ready, Chinatown Tai Chi Center is the ideal place to begin your journey to a healthier, happier, longer life.