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Jordan Zoet

When I was 9 years old, I took the first steps on my martial arts journey. My parents enrolled me in a Shorin Ryu karate class, and I was hooked. It was the most fun and fascinating hobby that I had ever tried, and it built a solid foundation of martial arts skills and values. Over the next 11 years, I rose to the rank of black belt while also teaching younger students the fundamentals of the style.

I eventually looked to broaden my skill set and try something new. After some searching, I discovered a Choy Li Fut kung fu school and studied there for several years. This school not only introduced me to new techniques, but it also gave me my first serious glimpse of the power that incorporating internal martial arts has when coupled with the external practice that I was already familiar with.

When I decided that I wanted to learn more about this mysterious internal art, a friend of mine recommended joining the tai chi class that he attended—Chinatown Tai Chi Center.

Tai chi has been by far the most challenging style that I've studied. It is rich with subtleties that allow a person to find new things to learn and improve on, even after decades of practice. The benefits that I've gained from learning tai chi are absolutely worth the effort.

Martial arts can be a lifelong journey, and tai chi is one of the best ways to travel it.