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Ron Schreiner

I started Tai Chi in 2008 when my daughter asked me if I might be interested in joining her at Chinatown Tai Chi Center to learn this art called tai chi chuan. She had taken a few tai chi lessons at a local community college where she learned about this school. I had no idea what tai chi was but after some research, I found out that tai chi can be very good for one's health and that interested me. So we joined together and I never looked back.

I found the calming effects of tai chi were very beneficial after a stressful day's work. The other health benefits that went along with that sold me on tai chi chuan as a great way to improve my health and strengthen my body. I know that I will continue doing tai chi for the rest of my life. As I age into the golden years I realize how important tai chi has been for me in the area of flexibility, movement, strength, and cognitive benefits of learning and memorizing the forms. I have grown to truly enjoy tai chi, and learning all the forms, which include weapons, and empty hands forms. The school's camaraderie is just something I look forward to each week.

It is a real pleasure being an advanced student at Chinatown Tai Chi Center under Sifu Calph's expert guidance.