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Happy Chinese New Year of the Dog
By Sifu Phyllis Calph
On March 08, 2018 at 15:38


If only I had a little more time I think I'd like to learn Tai Chi Chuan.  I hear that a lot. So I ask "why do you want to learn tai chi chuan?" Usually, the answer is  " I want to reduce the stress in my life" or  "improve my flexibility", I want to improve my balance and learn to meditate"  or " I just want to use tai chi for relaxation"  and some even say "improve my health and for self-defense".  I myself practice tai chi for all of these reasons and more.   There is one more reason that I practice tai chi chuan and that reason is because it is fun.  I really have fun and get great enjoyment from my tai chi practice. 

So the invitation is open.  Come and find out what practicing tai chi is all about.  Questions are welcome.



Practice, Practice, Practice and Patience - Practice and Patience makes Perfect