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By SiFu Phyllis Calph
On September 12, 2018 at 17:02
 Those lazy days of summer are mostly over.  The weather is changing and it feels energizing.  Back at Macalester  the students are excited about learning Tai Chi.  It reminds me of all of the reasons that I love practicing Tai Chi Chuan.  As a very young person tai chi helped build my stamina.  Because of my tai chi practice  I relaxed more and did not feel so stressed by my busy schedule.  Over the years tai chi has become the stable practice that helps work out the physically tough times.  It continues to relieve the stress too.  Why practice Tai Chi Chuan?  Well I will tell you, because it feels so good.

So the invitation is open.  Come and find out what practicing tai chi is all about.  Questions are welcome.



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