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Welcome to 2020 - Chinatown Tai Chi Center
By Sifu Phyllis Calph
On January 07, 2020 at 14:13

At Chinatown Tai Chi Center we believe that taking some time for yourself is most important. We like to challenge each student to learn something new in every class.  Learning all of the aspects that make up tai chi chuan takes time but in every class you can add to your own understanding of the art.  The variety is endless too, so you never become bored practicing tai chi chuan because once you feel accomplished in one thing there are many principles to grasp and forms to learn.



If someone should ask you, "why do you practice Tai Chi Chuan" what would you say?  The answers would vary but almost certainly "because it makes me feel good" would be a constant refrain. Feeling good is important and not to be taken lightly.  No one can escape the duties and tasks that keep us busy throughout the day and evening.  Even our minds get tired.  I find that I only need a small space and the thought of a favorite tai chi form and I begin to move.  It is not out of duty but out of a feeling of well being that I begin to step and turn, shift and stretch, parry and punch, lift and kick.  Soon I am feeling better and I'm ready to face what part of the day comes next because my mind and body are definitely feeling better.