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On March 29, 2024 at 16:44

Tai-Chi Chuan is the art of concealing hardness within softness, like a needle in cotton



Michael Kearney

I became interested in tai chi for several reasons. Some were very pedestrian: observed people doing tai chi, watched a video or two, or the reports of the health benefits. I began doing tai chi over 10 years ago with the expectation that as I age movement is good for my body and overall health. What I found was all of the above but also the enjoyment of belonging to Chinatown tai chi school( doing tai chi in a group), and pride in further developing my ability as a tai chi practitioner(those moments when you understand something deeper).

In teaching tai chi I believe the foundation is critical: learning the basic movements. I continue to work on the basics every time I practice. For new students, frustration can be great. But I believe that although tai chi is difficult it is rewarding. If you can stay with it, giving yourself time [6 months to a year], the rewards are great.